Our city coat of arms.
city coat of arms The current city coat of arms of Lichtenstein/Sa. is divided into two parts; it shows the city coat of arms of Lichtenstein/Sa. and Callnberg, unified since 1920, next to each other on one shield. On the right hand side (heraldicly seen), the Lichtenstein/Sa. court of arms is located: one can see a silver tower with pinnacles and a round roof on the red-coloured background, two turrets on both sides of the tower, on the left and on the right hand side a silver rose with a green stem and an open gate with a gold-plated portcullis. The former court of arms of the city of Callnberg, founded in 1706, can be seen on the left hand side: it shows the Schönburg court of arms with two red horizontal stripes on a silver ground, leading to the lower right hand corner.
The history of the city of Lichtenstein/Sa. – A Chronology.
December  ·  Daetz-Centre in Lichtenstein/Sa. receives the title „Familienfreundliche Freizeiteinrichtung“
November  ·  Inauguration of a memorial tablet at the place where Prof. Dr. Max Schneider’s birthplace was, in the street that was named after him
October  ·  „1a-Fachhändler“ award for Altstadtboutique
   ·  celebratory opening of the new Schellenbergerbrücke bridge
September  ·  Introduction of the 6th pictorial collection of „Von oben gesehen“ about Lichtenstein/Sa. and its surroundings
   ·  Inauguration of the new playground at Topfmarkt square
   ·  Marlene and Peter Daetz are awarded the Honorary Citizens’ Rights of the city of Lichtenstein/Sa.
August  ·  Approval of the association „Lebenshaus“ as an agency of the free youth welfare service
   ·  Four year 5 classes at the “Prof. Dr. Max Schneider“ grammar school start the new school year
July  ·  Opening of a natural-gas station by the Stadtwerke Lichtenstein GmbH in the industrial park „Am Auersberg“
June  ·  completion of the rehabilitation measures for the Lobetalbach brook
   ·  . Wolfgang Sedner’s 15th anniversary as the mayor of Lichtenstein/Sa.
May  ·  First service in the St. Laurentius church after the repairing of the Jehmlich organ was finished
   ·  50th anniversary of the DRK-Kindergarten in the district of Heinrichsort
April  ·  Start of the construction works for the youth centre in the district of Rödlitz at Bernhard-Reinhold-Weg 3
   ·  Opening of the new library facilities in the town hall of the district of Rödlitz
February  ·  Chopping down of four horse chestnut trees at the old market square due to their age
   ·  15th anniversary of the Carnevals Club e.V. „LCC”
January  ·  5th anniversary of EWAG Seniorenstift
   ·  New Year’s reception – appeal for funds for the victims of the tsunami and especially for Mrs. Demuni’s (Bernsdorf) projects in Hikkaduwa/Sri Lanka by the mayor Mr. Wolfgang Sedner
December  ·  120th anniversary of the City Library Lichtenstein
November  ·  Official inauguration of the Vocational School for Economy and Social Studies (“Beruflichen Schulzentrum für Wirtschaft und Sozialwesen”) on the former location of the Diesterweg school
October  ·  Opening of the reconstructed "Auersberg Centre"
 ·  Takeover of the Lichtenstein hospital by the “DRK Gemeinnützige Krankenhaus GmbH Sachsen” (nonprofit hospital Ltd. Saxony) in Rabenstein
September  ·  Festival in the district of Heinrichsort on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the viallage’s foundation
August  ·  The European Primary School "Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi" starts its teaching in the building of the former Pestalozzischule
May  ·  Takeover of the Lichtenstein municipal utilities „Stadtwerke Lichtenstein GmbH“ by Envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG (EnviaM)
April  ·  Foundation of the city alliance "Sachsenring" between Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Oberlungwitz and Lichtenstein/Sa.
March  ·  The extension to the Lichtenstein hospital is completed
February  ·  Close-down of the savings bank „Sparkasse“ branch office in the district of Heinrichsort
December  ·  The book "lichtenstein" is published
September  ·  The miniature of the Dresden Frauenkirche Church is the 92nd object in the Miniwelt park
August  ·  Opening of the ring road B 173 Lichtenstein/Sa. (approx. 6.5km in length)
February  ·  City Bahn Chemnitz GmbH takes over public transportation on the traditional route between Stollberg - Lichtenstein/Sa. - St. Egidien - Glauchau.
January  ·  Starting point for the enterprise “Reconstruction and extension of Diesterweg school in order to develop a Vocational School for Economy and Social Studies”
December   ·  Closure of Diesterweg school and its gymnasium
November   ·  Opening of the first part of the B173 ring road Lichtenstein/Sa. from Funkenburg to the Industrial Park "Am Auersberg"
 ·  100th anniversary of the Jehmlich-Organ in the Laurentius Church
October   ·  Inauguration of the sports centre "Sportzentrum Lichtenstein"
 ·  The new course of studies on “Wood Sculpting” starts in the Daetz Centre in collaboration with the Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau College
August   ·  The flood in August also caused damage to Lichtenstein/Sa. and the districts of Rödlitz and Heinrichsort.
July  ·  The three renovated bells were fitted to the reconditioned steeple of the Lutherkirche church.
 ·  Heinrich-von-Kleist secondary modern school takes over the pupils from Diesterweg secondary modern school.
·  Inauguration of the Daetz Centre for International Wood Sculpturing
·  Wolfgang Sedner elected to be mayor of Lichtenstein/Sa. for another period of seven years
·  Liquidation of the retirement home in the Castle and disposition of the Castle facilities by the Diocese Dresden-Meißen to Alexander Prince of Schönburg-Hartenstein
·  Inauguration of the the hospital facilities
·  Inauguration of the Panoramic Trail for cyclists
·  Reopening of the City Museum in the Ratskeller facilities at Altmarkt square
·  Laying of the foundation stone for the future retirement home Hewag-Seniorenstift
·  Opening of the “Miniwelt” park
·  Inauguration of the new gymnasium in the district of Rödlitz
·  The planning for the “Miniwelt“ park and the “Daetz Centre for Internation Wood Sculpting“ starts
·  Creation of the Prof.-Dr.-Max-Schneider-Foundation
·  Inauguration of the Kindergarten in the district of Rödlitz
·  The foundation stone for the construction of the new hospital facilities is laid.
·  Incorporation of the village Heinrichsort to Lichtenstein/Sa.
·  First Saxon State Gardening Fair
·  Opening of the private Doll and Toy Museum of the Flämig family
1994 Incorporation of Rödlitz to Lichtenstein/Sa.
1991 Breaking ground for the construction of the industrial and business park "Am Auersberg"
1960 Callnberger town hall becomes administration building
1956 The foundation stone for the construction of an extended residential area to the east of the railway station is laid.
1955-62 The subterranean tunnel system of the Castle is uncovered.
1949 A retirement home is established in the Castle.
1945 Expropriation of the Princes of Schönburg-Waldenburg
1926 Special exhibition on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the “Sächsischer Gastwirtsverband”
1925 11,827 people living in Lichtenstein/Sa.
1921 Closing of the brewery
1920 Unification of Lichtenstein/Sa. and Callnberg
1906/07 Construction of Pestalozzi school
1905 Country festival
1901 Exhibition on businesses and industries
1899 Inauguration of the Civil School
1893 Construction of a high pressure water pipe
1890 5,837 people living in Lichtenstein/Sa.
1889 Relocation of the Royal Saxon Local Court to Glauchau-street
1881 The foundation stone for the reconstruction of Laurentius church, which had burned down in a fire, was laid.
1880 Development of the Grünthal" quarter
1877-79 Construction of the railway line St. Egidien - Lichtenstein/Sa. - Stollberg
1870 Foundation of the hairdressers’ guild
1869 City fire
1864 Federation of licensed citizens to form a brewery association
1859 Construction of a new post office
1856 Foundation of a school for future female teachers (“Lehrerinnenseminar”) by Prince Otto Viktor von Schönburg
1849 3,645 people living in Lichtenstein/Sa.
1843 Construction of the offical building at Schlossallee avenue (later used as royal palace)
1825/26 Construction of the Zwickau-Chemnitz avenue
1800 Death of Prince Otto Carl Friedrich in the Lichtenstein Castle, burial in a vault under the Castle – the later family crypt
1792 Foundation of the soap boilers’ guild
1790 Elevation of the Schönburg Earls to be Princes
1784 1,950 people living in Lichtenstein/Sa.
1771/72 The flood and the famine cause 787 victims in Lichtenstein/Sa. and Callnberg
1771 City fire
1770 The foundation stone for the Callnberg Lutherkirche church is laid.
1746 Foundation of the knitters’ guild
1729 Foundation of the pin and needles guild
1725 Callnberg receives its town charter
1712 The new city quarter is named Callenberg (later Callnberg)
1708 (25.9.) The demolition of the powder mill, which had just been erected one year before, was ordered by the Saxon elector (LI.-C. ERZ. 40, 4.10.30, S. 316)
1708 A new city quarter is constructed.
1702 Lichtenstein/Sa. line of breeding of the Shönburg Earls is formed due to the distribution of the estate (lapsed in 1750)
1681/82 450 victims of the pest
1670 Foundation of the tanners’ guild
1669 Foundation of the linen and wool weavers’ guild
1664 Changeover of the reconstructed Renaissance Castle to the Hartenstein line of breeding
1639 Destruction of the Castle in the Thirty Years’ War and looting of the city by the Swedish army
1632 Conflagration and looting by imperial troops during the Thirty Years’ War
1632 Foundation of the joiners’ and glaziers’ guild
1627 Conversion of the building E.-Thälmannstr. 29 into the town hall
1616 Foundation of the bakers’ guild
1614 Foundation of the carpenters’ guild
1613 Foundation of the tailors’ guild
1611 Foundation of the butchers’ guild
1593 1,150 inhabitants living in Lichtenstein/Sa.
1592-1632 Residence of the Schönburg gentlemen of Glauchau and Waldenburg in the Lichtenstein Castle
1587 Foundation of the clothiers’ guild
1561 New foundation of the forges’ and locksmiths’ guild
1542 Implementation of the reformation within the Schönburg dynasty
1538 Burning of the Castle
1536 Foundation of the shoemakers’ guild
1534 Castle in the possession of the Schönburg-Waldenburg family (Hugo I. was the progenitor of the Waldenburg line of breeding)
1446 First mention of Lichtenstein/Sa. as a city in one of the Schönburg documents
1364 Existence of a forges’ and locksmiths’ guild (verifiable by a shroud of the guild that once was exhibited in the museum)
1357 First assumed destruction of the Castle in a feud of the Reuß and Schönburg families against the margraves of Meißen
1306 Battle of Lichtenstein/Sa. (Friedrich the Young of Schönburg-Crimmitschau fought with landgrave Albrecht, the imperial cities of Chemnitz, Zwickau and Altenburg against the sons of Albrecht)
1286 First documentary mention of the Castle
1261 First mention of St. Laurentius church
1212 Mention of a "castrum Lichtenstein" in a document of emperor Friedrich II.
um 1200 Construction of the Lichtenstein Castle
Ende 12. Jh. Establishment and colonisation of the Lichtenstein dominion by the Schönburg family