Administrative community "Rund um den Auersberg".
including D-09356 St. Egidien with the districts Lobsdorf and Kuhschnappel.
Local council offices: city arms St. EgidienGemeindeverwaltung St. Egidien
Glauchauer Straße 35
D-09356 St. Egidien

call number: +49 (0)37204 760-0
fax number: +49 (0)37204 760-31

e-mail address:   Secretariat Mayor Mrs. Marion Heidel
e-mail address:   Mayor Mr. Uwe Redlich
e-mail address:   Public office

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Area: 26.53 km²
Population: 3,255 inhabitants (30 June, 2017)
Facilities: 2 churches, 1 primary school, 3 kindergartens
First official mention: in 1320
Highest elevation: approximately 400 meters
Worth seeing: Museum of Local History - open every first weekend of the month, 1 to 3 pm
  • Gerthturm (historical domestic appliances and small agricultural implements)
  • Gerthscheune (bigger historical domestic appliances and agricultural implements)
  • Eulenhaus built in the 17th century

historical railway bridge, half-timbered houses
district Kuhschnappel: oldest farm of the Thost family, more interesting farms and farm houses (guest rooms available)

including D-09337  Bernsdorf with the districts Hermsdorf and Rüsdorf.
Local council offices: Gemeindeverwaltung Bernsdorf 
Haupstraße 170 
D-09337  Bernsdorf

call number: +49 (0)37204 765-0
fax number: +49 (0)37204 98936
e-mail address:
e-mail address:
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city arms Bernsdorf

Area: 15 km²
Population: 2,232 inhabitants (30 June, 2017)
Facilities: 1 church, 1 primary school, 3 kindergartens
First official mention: in 1286
Highest elevation: 305 meters
Worth seeing: recreational centre, youth brass orchestra, miners' houses