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look-out tower
From there you have an amazing view over Lichtenstein and the surroundings from a height of 33m over the ground. Right next to the tower a remarkable and recommendable hotel is situated. Hotel "Alberthöhe"
Niclaser Str. 51 
D-09350 Lichtenstein 
call number: +49 (0)37204 83474
Link to: Daetz-Centrum Incredible world of wood sculpturing!
The Daetz-Centrum presents wood sculptures from Africa, North America, Asia and Europe in a permanent exhibition and organizes special expositions, conferences and workshops for sculptors from all over the world. Furthermore an international reference library is included in the centre. Daetz-Centrum organizes training activities and informs about tourism in Saxony.  The Federal Association of German Foundations awarded Mr. Peter Daetz with the "Deutscher Stifterpreis 2004" for the erection of his "Daetz Centrum", the wood sculpturing centre in Lichtenstein.
2005 the Daetz-Centre in Lichtenstein receives the title „Familienfreundliche Freizeiteinrichtung“
opening hours:   daily from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
 Link to: www.daetz-centrum.de
Daetz-Centrum Lichtenstein
Schloßallee 2
09350 Lichtenstein
call number: +49 (0)37204 585858
Link to: HELMNOT THEATRE. HELMNOT THEATRE – one of the most spectacular and biggest free tour theatres in Germany.
The poetic, sometimes surreal imagery language of Helmnot moves, its legendary productions have convinced hundreds of thousands of spectators. In no time, the company became nationally and internationally popular by its unusual performances and art projects. The team travels about 120.000 km a year – through Germany, Europe and even to the United Arab Emirates. Since 1996 the artistic enterprise has had its seat in Lichtenstein. Every year countless new highlights for indoor and open-air events are being thought up and made in the 8.700 square metres of the Helmnot Building housing workshops, production and rehearsal halls. Surreal displays of frozen images as well as fantastic stilt and figure theatre, gigantic open-air performances and poetic stage shows are only part of the steadily growing repertoire.

Neumarkt 11
D-09350 Lichtenstein/ Sa.
call number: +49 (0)37204 6880
fax number: +49 (0)37204 68899
e-mail address:

Link to: HELMNOT CULTURA. „CULTURA“ is the educational sector of the cultural enterprise HELMNOT, 11 years of idealistic social commitment. Despite the huge number of performances and rehearsals the team of artists invests the same extraordinary commitment in the region, especially in the artistic education and promotion of children, adolescents and adults.
The contents:
  • professional and further training (apprenticeships, work experience, artistic-voluntary years)
  • workshop and event theatre (all throughout the year)
  • counseling service for free art and theatre groups
  • internet information service about training possibilities
  • individual projects with psychiatric surgeries for children, children's homes, old people's homes and facilities for handicapped people

„HELMNOT CULTURA“ is mainly financed by the proceeds of performances of HELMNOT THEATRE!!! Projects like workshops and event theatre are financially backed by the cultural area “Zwickauer Raum” and by the town Lichtenstein.

Neumarkt 11
D-09350 Lichtenstein/ Sa.
call number: +49 (0)37204 6880
fax number: +49 (0)37204 68899
e-mail address:

Link to: Minikosmos We would like to invite you to enjoy to brilliant starry sky by the help of our ZKP 4 projector in combination with the fascinating dome projections that are integrated.
For the first time in the history our planetarium it is possible to by our Space Shuttle through the endless expanse of the cosmos. In addition you can explore distant planets by the Mars Rover or you can travel via the Milky Way to the end of the universe – space actions which will definitely amaze you.
With the digital assistance of the whole-dome-system “Spacegate Quinto” and the highly efficient computer system “Zeiss Power Dome” the 12-meter-wide dome is changed into a gigantic 360° screen.

Link to: Program

Minikosmos GbR
Werner and Maria Schmitt
Chemnitzer Straße 43
D-09350 Lichtenstein

call number: +49 (0)37204 72255
e-mail address:

Link to: Miniwelt A park where, in a scale of scale of 1:25, buildings, monuments and historical places from all over the world are exhibited on about 10 acres of land. With close to 160 monuments planned for the future the architectural and historical variety of the earth is presented to the visitor. 
Link to: Time of opening
Link to: Entry fee
Link to: Plan of measures
Miniwelt Lichtenstein GmbH
Chemnitzer Str. 43 
D-09350 Lichtenstein 
call number: +49 (0)37204 72255
fax number: +49 (0)37204 72257
call number: +49 (0)3722 816627
fax number: +49 (0)3722 97329
Motorradausstellung -
„Die schnellsten Zweitakter der Welt“.
An 5 minutes walk from downtown. Kreuzleithe 4
D-09350 Lichtenstein
call number: +49 (0)37204 2561
Palace Palace including an English garden.
An 8 minutes walk from downtown. Visit is possible at any time.
call number: +49 (0)37204 83341
Link to: Doll and Toy museum A doll and toy museum situated in the old part of Lichtenstein.
A little café across the yard invites visitors with a cheerful atmosphere and offers room for family or group parties up to 25 people. For groups up to max. 50 people a guided museum tour with an afterwards snack in the café is possible. There are also workshops for doll and teddy bear makers available.
Handicraft classes for school or kindergarten groups are possible as well.
Link to: opening hours
Puppen- und Spielzeugmuseum
Ernst-Thälmann-Str. 31
D-09350 Lichtenstein
call number: +49 (0)37204 83383
Link to: 1. Sächsisches Kaffeekannenmuseum. The museum is placed in the district Heinrichsort, in the hotel "Zur Krone".
An 8 minutes travel time with the car from downtown.
opening hours:
Sa 11  a.m. to 6 p.m.
Su 11  a.m. to 5 p.m. or after arrangement
- Entrance freely -
1. Sächsisches Kaffeekannenmuseum
Prinz-Heinrich-Straße 35
D-09350 Lichtenstein
telephone number: fax number: +49 (0)37204 87692
castle The castle can be reached in about 5 minutes on foot from downtown.  
Link to: City Museum

Museum of the city of Lichtenstein located directly on the old marked square.

opening hours:  Saturday and Sunday:  1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

and after consultation.

Museum der Stadt Lichtenstein
Ernst-Thälmann-Str. 29
D-09350 Lichtenstein

Manager of the museum Mrs. Berner
call number: +49 (0)37204 86453 or 
call number: +49 (0)37204 83341