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Link to: Tourist-Information Centre Official Tourism Centre of the city of Dresden e-mail address:
Link to: Frauenkirche Church The special experience of baroque sacred architecture. The Frauenkirche church symbol light the Protestant building of churches. The Evangelist faith and service understanding find here its architectural conversion. Visitors Service/ Guides
Speaker: Dr. Anja Häse
call number: +49 (0)351 65606100
fax number: +49 (0)351 65606108
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Link to: Semper Opera House in Dresden
  • Sächsische Staatsoper
  • Staatskapelle Dresden
  • Dresden Semperoper Ballett
  • Semper Kleine Szene
  • The Semper Opera House

Booking of Tickets:
call number: +49 (0)351 4911-705 

Schinkelwache am Theaterplatz 

Sächsische Staatsoper Dresden
(Semper Opera House Dresden)
Besucherdienst (Visitors Service)
Theaterplatz 2
D-01067 Dresden 
fax number: +49 (0)351 4911700
Link to: Dresden State Art Collections Opening Hours and Information for:
  • Green vault
  • Cabinet of etching artworks
  • Numismatic collection
  • Old masters picture galery
  • Armoury
  • Porcelain collection
  • Mathematisch-physikalischer salon
  • Picture gallery “new masters”
  • Sculpture collection
  • Museum of decorative arts in pillnitz palace
  • Saxon folkart museum with puppet theatre collection
Mailing Adress

Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
Taschenberg 2
D-01067  Dresden

For previous arrangements and reservation of guided tours, please contact the Visitor Service:
call number: +49 (0)351 49142000
fax number: +49 (0)351 4914616
e-mail address:

Link to: Hohenstein-Ernstthal.
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Link to: Centre for Road Safety "Sachsenring" Schooling, Training Courses for Drivers, Indoor Go-Kart Track, Information about
auto motor sport VSZ Sachsenring
Goldbachstr. 19
D-09353 Oberlungwitz
call number: +49 (0)3723 65330
fax number: +49 (0)3723 653355
Link to: Karl May Museum A small museum offering many interesting events:
guided tours, readings, slide shows, walking-tours along the Karl May path, sale of books and souvenirs, minting of coins
Karl-May-Straße 54
call number: fax number: +49 (0)3723 42159
“Coloured Wood” - Exhibition Folk Art from the Ore Mountains Altmarkt 41
Contact Person:
City Council / Office for Cultural Concerns
call number: +49 (0)3723 42236
Link to: Reservoir and Lake "Oberwald" Camping site and water fun at an 16 ha reservoir and 360m long beach where nudism is possible.
A 64m long water slide is the main attraction. Miniature golfing area, skittles facility, hiring of boats and pedal boats and much more…
D-09337  Callenberg
Contact Person:
Tourismus und Sport GmbH, Stausee Oberwald
Textile and Racing Museum Museum of Textile and Local History and Exhibitions showing the history of the race track “Sachsenring”, Demonstration shows on historical textile machines, Reproduction of traditional historical fabric, Training courses on weaving by hand and video presentations. Antonstraße 6
call number: +49 (0)3723 47711
Link to: Meißen.
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Link to: Albrechtsburg Castle Architecture in late gothic style - Murals displaying historical scenes – Special Exhibitions – Concerts ranging from Classical music to Jazz – Medieval Festivals – Readings – Cabaret – Countrified Wine Evenings – Room Hire – Castle Café - Catering Albrechtsburg Meißen
Domplatz 1
D-01662 Meißen
call number: +49 (0)3521 47070
fax number: +49 (0)3521 470711
e-mail address:
Link to: Saxon Wine Route Adventure tour through the northernmost vineyard districts of Europe with a tradition of more than 800 years. Weinbauverband Sachsen e.V.
Fabrikstraße 16
D-01662 Meißen
call number: +49 (0)3521 763530
fax number: +49 (0)3521 763640
e-mail address:
Link to: Theatre Musical Comedies, speech theatre, child and youth theatre, concerts, specials Theaterplatz 15 
D-01662 Meißen
call number: +49 (0)3521 41550
fax number: +49 (0)3521 415550
e-mail address:
Link to: State Porcelain Manufactory The Museum’s Visitors Office and exhibition workshop

Information and registration for guided tours :
call number: +49 (0)3521 468-208
fax number: +49 (0)3521 468-804

Talstrasse 9
D-01662 Meißen
call number: +49 (0)35214680
fax number: +49 (0)3521468800
e-mail address:
Link to: Oelsnitz / Ore Mountains.
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Link to: Mining Museum Exhibitions and leadership through the technical area: Lamp room, Pit bank, Electrical friction winder, Way into the shaft and Steam engine. Pflockenstraße
call number: +49 (0)37298 12612
Plohn / Vogtland.
Places of Interest: Information: Contact:
Link to: Theme Park Plohn A wonderland for the whole family. Attractions:
... Taking the western train to the saloon
... In a land long, long ago …
... Once upon a time...
... Buffalo Bill's Western Show
... Merlin’s Fairy Tail and Knight Shows
Rodewischer Straße 21
D-08485 Lengenfeld District Plohn
call number: +49 (0)37606 34163
e-mail address:
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Link to: Dragon's Lair Syrau The path through the Dragon’s Lair is 350 metres long and has 330 stairs. It is convenient to be accessed by older people, however not by persons using a wheelchair. Fremdenverkehrsamt Syrau (Tourist Information)
Höhlenberg 13 
D-08548 Syrau 
call number: +49 (0)37431 8090 
e-mail address:
Link to:   Waldenburg.
Places of Interest: Information: Contact:
Castle Discover the castle plant of the "bead of the hollow valley" and their unique history. Castle administration
Landkreis Chemnitzer Land
Schloss Waldenburg
Peniger Straße 10
call number: +49 (0)3763 45398 or 45843
Gruenfeld Park Gruenfeld Park is one of the oldest and most famous English parks in Germany. Contact Person:
Fremdenverkehrsamt Waldenburg
(Tourist Information Waldenburg),
Markt 22
call number: +49 (0)37608 21000
fax number: +49 (0)37608 21006
Link to: Museum Waldenburg A cabinet of full rare pieces: astronomical and physical equipment, fish -, reptile and amphibian collection, white spirit preparations, bird collection, coral and coral algae, insects, conchilien, hunting trophies, measure-formed calves, harsh airs, wood collection, fossils, minerals and rocks, ethnography, Egyptian mummies, art + arts and crafts. Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
D-08396 Waldenburg
call number: +49 (0)37608 22519
fax number: +49 (0)37608 16060
Link to: Potteries Ceramics Workshop Waldenburg Töpferstr. 5
call number: +49 (0)37608 464
  Pottery Grünert Bahnhofstr. 2
call number: +49 (0)37608 3398
  Körner's Pottery Altwaldenburger Str. 38
call number: +49 (0)37608 20281
  Lorenz' Pottery Bahnhofstr. 35
call number: +49 (0)37608 22887
  Pottery at the old furnace Töpferstr. 11
call number: +49 (0)37608 21034
  Ceramics workshop TERRA MARA, Ceramics workshop in the youth art school Altenburger Straße 44a
call number: +49 (0)163 8241100
Link to:   Zwickau.
Places of Interest: Information: Contact:
Link to: Car Museum “August Horch“ The museum can be found right in the centre of the old Audi factory – the domain of August Horch and the origin of great automobile history reaching from Horch, via Audi to Trabant. Audistraße 7
D-08058  Zwickau
call number: +49 (0)375 271738-0
Link to: Gallery at the Cathedral Courtyard („Galerie am Domhof“) The Gallery is the cultural centre for painting, graphic arts and sculpture, offering courses and a studio for enhancing skills in painting, graphic arts and literature. It is also used for the presentation of new music. Domhof 2
D-08056  Zwickau
call number: +49 (0)375 215687
Link to: Municipal Art Collections of Zwickau Not only the city archive and valuable remains of the historical Ratsschulbibliothek library, but also the collections of the “Altertumsverein“ (Association concerned with antiquity), the “Kunstverein” (Association for Art) and the “Naturkundeverein” (Association for natural history) are stored here. Lessingstr. 1
D-08056  Zwickau
call number: +49 (0)375 834510
Link to: Priests’ Houses Demonstrably, the priests’ houses rank among the oldest preserved residental houses in Germany. (1264 – ceiling joists in house no. 7) Museum für Stadt- und Kulturgeschichte
(Museum for Urban and Cultural History)
Domhof 5-8
D-08056  Zwickau
call number: +49 (0)375 834551
Link to: Robert-Schumann House Zwickau Robert Schumann’s birthplace Hauptmarkt 5
D-08056  Zwickau
call number: +49 (0)375 81885116
Regional and world-wide attractions.
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Link to: Tourismusregion Zwickau e.V.
"Between the Muldental dell and the Ore Mountains"

(Tourism Region Zwickau)
The district of Zwickau - Discover, experience and visit again! All information for a stay in the region. Peniger Straße 10
D-08396 Waldenburg
call number: +49 (0)37608 27243
fax number: +49 (0)37608 27245
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