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restaurant “Parkschlösschen”The 100-year-old City Park, redeveloped in 1995 as part of the area of the 1st Saxon State Gardening Fair in 1996, and the restaurant “Parkschlösschen” are particularly loved to be taken as starting points for walking tours by citizens and visitors. The neighbouring City Forest offers several routes for you to take. It is worthwhile to ascend Kroatenberg Mountain, walk to the pavilion erected in 1909 at Fürst-Otto-Victor Height and to take your way across St. Laurentius Cemetery and Teichplatz Square until you arrive at the Schlosshangwiesen Meadow. the City Park
Other worth while trails pass the Forester’s House, which was built in 1850, or lead you along the “Schlängelweg” path to the natural monument “Obelisk”, an ancient red beech. All the walks meet at Schlossallee Avenue and around the Castle and the Palace, the historical core area of the 1st Saxon State Gardening Fair. From up there, you are offered various opportunities to recreate and experience the place just by the overwhelming views of the city and its surroundings. You can decide for a tour through the Subterranean Tunnel System in the Castle, relax in the Schlosshangwiese Meadow, an old orchard meadow, in the English garden or in the neo-baroque Palace garden. Looking in the northward direction from there, you can see the “Rödlitzaue” Meadow, the industrial park “Am Auersberg”, the premises of the former “Nickelhütte” factory in St. Egidien and even the motorway A 4.
the Käppler Oak TreeThe surrounding area offers still more opportunities. Schieferberg forest is known for the lookout point „Schöne Aussicht“ and other scenic places where you can enjoy the wonderful views of the countryside. The allotment garden sites “Lower Käppler” and „Upper Käppler”, including the new Gardener’s Inn, represented the centre of allotments during the First Saxon State Gardening Fair. The 750-year-old Käppler Oak Tree, which is a natural monument and Lichtenstein’s oldest tree, can easily be visited from there. After leaving the Schieferber-Käppler area, put under nature conservancy due to its significance as a historical area of unspoiled nature, the Rödlitzaue Meadow at Schäller is passed towards Grünthal. Nature lovers and people fond of the countryside will get unforgettable impressions in the wide meadow area with its grassland, groves and bodies of water that have undergone the process of renaturation. In the Schäller district, the lowest point in the Lichtenstein area, measuring 280 metres, can be found. Grünthal, a former brownfield site that was revitalized in the course of the First Saxon State Gardening Fair, can absolutely be used as a starting point for further adventures. Walking along the Mühlenweg path towards the industrial park „Am Auersberg“ can also be very enjoyable. After passing the old Mühlengraben with its willow trees and an orchard meadow, you can take a rest at the site of the former paper mill that has been known since the 16th century. The path leads you through an underpass and towards the ecological area of the industrial park. There, open spaces and forest areas, bodies of water and biotopes are harmoniously connected with each other via a path network of 1,2 kilometres in length. After having seen this natural attraction, the path leads you past the Auersberg mountain and back to Rümpf district where you can enjoy the great view of Lichtenstein and Rümpf forest. Despite the enthusiasm about the landscape and the flora and fauna, you should keep in mind that animals must not be scared and that clutches and breeding places have to be protected. Plants and mushrooms should also be left at the place where they grow in order to ensure that following ramblers and nature lovers will not be deprived of the adventure of experiencing nature.

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Hiking trails/Bicycle trails: Information:
City Forest, 170 ha
Rödlitzer Straße,
near Försterbrücke B173,
Miniwelt Park / Castle / Kleist-Stein Monument
Panoramic trail 3,5 km (circular route)
height trail, along "Fröner Weg" path
crossing the road to Hohndorf,
additional parking at the “Obelisk“ - , an ancient red beech,
hut at the edge of the woods
wonderful view towards Bernsdorf - Hohenstein-E.
"Schwarze Allee" Avenue - and Kleist-Stein Monument
Croaten trail 2,5 km (circular route)
Croatenberg Mountain, situated north-eastern of the City Park,
steep slopes
Forester’s house and Schweizer’s house - Pavilon - 
view of the south-western part of the city
Integration of the cemetery into the trail is possible
Obelisk - an ancient red beech, hut
Snake trail 2,6 km (circular route)
got his name because of the paths winding their way through the City Forest
moderate slopes, multiple seating accommodations
Lookout point Rödlitz
Obelisk - ancient red beech, hut
Burg Forest, 84 ha
Alberthöhe and sports field Heinrichsort
providing information signs
Försterteich trail 2,6 km (circular route)
Lookout tower
moderate slope, multiple seating accommodations
idyllically situated Försterteiche ponds
Alberthöhe trail 3 km (circular route)
Lookout tower
moderate slope, multiple seating accommodations
wonderful view of the Mülsengrund
Rümpf Forest, 790 ha
Entrance Rümpf Forest, providing information signs
Rümpf Forest trail 7,5 km (circular route)
minimal slope, multiple seating accommodations
"Schwarze Tafel" sign - and a hut
Natural monument "Steinerne Kuh", a cow made of stone - and a hut
400-year-old “Kornelius” or “lightning oak tree” at the edge of Rümpf Forest
Bismarck Tower
Route Zwickau - Lichtenstein - NEZ Rabenstein, marked in red, 35 km
the route, starting in Mülsen -  Birnenallee Avenue - Schubert Forest - Körnerteiche ponds - Industrial park - Viaduct in Rüsdorf leading to the local recreation centre in Oberrabenstein/ Chemnitz
Route Glauchau - Lichtenstein – Hartenstein, marked in yellow, 30 km
the route, starting in Glauchau - Rümpf Forest - Birnenallee Avenue - Funkenburg - Burgstraße - Alberthöhe - Burg Forest - Heinrichsort - Marienau - towards Hartenstein
Route Waldenburg - Lichtenstein – Promnitzer, marked in green, 20 km
he route, starting in Rüsdorf -  Allotment site “Käppler Gorge“ -  The terrain of the First Saxon State Gardening Fair - Kleist-Stein Monument - City forest - Rödlitz - Neudörfl forest - Promnitzer - and paths leading to Schneeberg
Regular, guided walking tours organized by the Kneipp-Verein Chemnitzer Land e.V. association - Tuesdays, 9am; starting point is the railway station in Lichtenstein; up to 15 km
- Wednesdays, 9am; starting point is the railway station in Lichtenstein; up to 25 km; consultation necessary
- Wednesdays, 2pm; starting point is the railway station in Lichtenstein; up to 5 km; walking tour for senior citizens
Participation fee for people without membership: 0,51 €
additional offer if registered beforehand: "Exploring herbs” – walking tour
Link to: Panoramic bicycle trail Panoramic bicyle trail - Lichtenstein-Mülsen-Hohndorf 20 km
Erlengrundstraße in the industrial park "Am Auersberg" - Playground Uhligwiese - Lookout tower "Alberhöhe" - Burg forest - Heinrichsort - Rödlitz - Hohndorf - "Miniwelt" park - Kultur.Palais.Lichtenstein - Castle facilities - Grünthal - Schäller - Erlengrundstraße in the industrial park "Am Auersberg"
Link zu: inTOURS aktiv „inTOURS actively “offers in our region daily routes by bicycle. The routes begin in Lichtenstein at the castle or at the Miniwelt park, of where a land portion on the panorama cycle trail or by the Rüsdorfer forest after Hohenstein-Ernstthal, until after Kuhschnappel to the ice costing on the farm is accomplished.
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